Employee Retention and Engagement

SuzyMiller_croppedI am Suzy Miller of Happy Workers and I want to make your workers happy!

Through partnerships with other providers I offer an integrated low-cost solution to staff retention and engagement, and ways to proactively reduce absenteeism.

With an online distribution platform sharing key HR resources to employees – which include unique online programmes to support families outside of the workplace – your employees will feel loved.

Included are hundreds of ‘perks’ – which will make your employees love you back.  They feel valued.  And want to stay working in your company.


48% of employees would leave their jobs for somewhere that valued them more.  Mood Tracker Fall 2012

Happy Workers™offers to employers/HR an online delivery infrastructure, allowing employees to download employment contracts and also unique HR resources that offer support beyond the workplace, such as co-parenting and how to avoid a nasty divorce.

The package also includes hundreds of ‘perks’ that employees love, helping retention rates and also keeping employees engaged with important resources made available to them, and even allowing them to get greater value from their existing Employment Assistance Programme (the use of which is on average only 5-6% employee engagement – which doesn’t provide the employer with a good ROI!)

Over 350,000 employees use the system – employers have seen a 14 % uplift in staff retention

Through my partnership with Perkbox (who provide the online delivery and services to a wide range of employers including major supermarket brands) and my own additional resources included in the HRtoolbox area for employees, a much greater engagement and employee return on investment is the result.

If your company want to:

  • reduce their staff turnover rate
  • demonstrate a duty of care beyond a ‘tick box’ counsellor helpline provision
  • increase the uptake of any existing EAP
  • have an online delivery platform branded to their company livery which protects employee privacy but also provides clear data on usage

….. Then I would be very happy to offer a presentation.

The guideline costs are in the region of £5-£6 per employee per month, and the return on investment includes at the very least an annual increase in retention of staff, which equates to a saving of an equivalent of at least 3 months salary per employee retained (by not having to then recruit a replacement and train them for the role).


Suzy Miller

07525 059 634

Twitter: @StartOverSuzy

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